Robert W. Stanley, ChFC, CFP®

"The customer's interest should always come first. That's the way it should be."

– Bob Stanley

Questions? Go ahead, ask...

Nobody has all the answers. We're just glad to see you're asking questions:

  • When can I reasonably plan to retire?
  • What are safe portfolio withdrawal rates?
  • How will I send my children to college?
  • Roth IRA conversions; a long-term tax bracket arbitrage opportunity?
  • Will my current path allow me to reach my long term financial goals?

Our expertise includes:

  • Objective investment advice
  • Impartial retirement planning
  • Customized asset allocations
  • Indexing; evidence based investing
  • Social Security benefit strategies
  • Pension benefits analysis
  • Roth IRA conversion strategies
  • Second opinions

Independent, Objective, Conflict-free Advice - You Are in Control

Fee-Only Financial Planning and investment advice means there are no commission-based products sold, thereby eliminating one of Wall Street's biggest conflicts of interest;  self-dealing.

Hourly,  Per-Project,  Financial Planning and investment advice adds control and cost transparency; you know exactly what you are paying for, when you are paying it... and why.

Fiduciary: A True Financial Advocate; when combined with the RIA fiduciary standard, an hourly based, per-project, fee-only financial advisor can become a true client advocate... always putting their clients' best interests first - the way it should always be, but so rarely is.


Complimentary Meeting & Written Cost Estimate

Bring your questions and concerns to a complimentary 'get acquainted' meeting with a seasoned financial advisor. Review a sample financial plan, define and prioritize your goals, set the scope and desired outcome of any future engagements. After meeting, based on your needs, we will provide a written cost estimate. No surprises, no hidden fees.

Conveniently located at 1580 S Milwaukee Avenue in Libertyville, IL, call for an appointment - 847-816-0170 - or email Bob at:

At R.W. Stanley Investment Planning, we sell no products, and manage no assets... thus ensuring you truly objective, conflict free advice.


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